Chiropractic Testimonials

"Amazing care and expert consultation!"

- Greg U.

"This place is great! Wonderful service and very knowledgeable. More than anything they all want to help you feel better. I will continue to use their services for my back issues."

- Luke T.

"Amazing treatment program which fixed my neck and lower back issues - after years of constant nagging pain. Traction is amazing. The folks at CRH are experts, and really nice. My dog Guss, a special dog was allowed to visit during my treatments... I think he may receive a job as merger and greeter."

- Alison C.

"I really loved the family feel. The doctor was very nice approachable and professional. I really noticed a difference after the first visit. I definitely plan on going back soon!"

- Maggie M.

"The staff is very helpful and happy, which makes a difference when you're not feeling very good and you're in a lot of pain. I was planning on doing the regenerative therapy but, unfortunately, needed surgery. I 100% plan on getting back in touch when I can. I'm hoping to make them part of my recovery/rehab program. I recommend going in and getting an exam and talking about a possible solution for whatever you're going through."

- Catrina H.

"Purchased a Facebook special and was very happy with my experience. The staff was kind and efficient and I couldn’t pass up the deal for x-rays, an adjustment, and a follow-up for $22."

- Brittany B.

"Really happy with chiropractic treatment. The staff is very helpful. If you are suffering from any chronic pain then visit once. Great service!!"

- Jacqueline B.

"Before a few months ago I was suffering from chronic joint pain, one of my colleagues suggested Colorado regenerative health PRP treatment. I have started it and it really works!! Really amazing service and treatment at Colorado Regenerative Health."

- Christy M.

“The Instrument was a new experience for me and the results were precise and painless. My low back pain was completely gone after only three treatments with the Instrument!”

- Diane R.

“I had sharp pains in my head and neck and was hesitant to have a chiropractor manipulate my neck. The Instrument gets rid of the pain without twisting the spine, and is gentle and relaxing.”

- Lisa R.

“When I was suffering from neck pain, I did not consider chiropractic care due to fear of getting my neck manipulated. Medication was the relief I sought. When medication failed, Arthrostim treatments were not only another choice, but they should have been the first choice. Pain can be, and IS treated gently and without any discomfort with the Arthrostim.”

- Donna R.

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